Teaching in Morocco

Sat Nam

I got the the wonderful opportunity to be teaching in a surf yoga hostel in Tamraght, Morocco, together with my friend Seva Siri Kaur. I will be back in Europe in March – speak to you soon!

All best from Morocco.

By the way, I truly recommend the Lunar Surf House, it is a beautiful place with a very familiar atmosphere and a very good spot for surfing.

Yoga Space at Lunar Surf House, Tamraght


The reversed confession


Why are we feeling guilty all the time? Guilty about the things we have done, the things we have said, the things we have forgotten, the things we have eaten and so on… the list has no end. Feeling guilty keeps us in the past and lets us hope for a „better“ future, where we can stick to the expectations that we have concerning our own behavior. But to fight against ourselves all the time only creates a vicious cycle of negative thoughts that manifest thought patterns and lets us see only the negative things we have done in our lives. The author Lena Malmgren expressed in her reversed confession how guilt makes us feel and there is only one thing we can do: To be honest about our feelings, to forgive ourselves and to initiate self-love.

Holly Michelle Eckert describes in her book „Graduating From Guilt: Six Steps to Overcome Guilt and Reclaim Your Life“ how you can deal with the sense of guilt:

  1. Identify the guilt
    • Why do you feel guilty?
  2. Name the „shoulds“
    • What should or shouldn’t you have done?
  3. Connect with the unmet needs
    • Which of your needs were not met?
  4. Experience the feelings of the unmet needs
    • Listen to your feelings
  5. Understand the motives
    • Which need did you try to fulfill?
  6. Review progresses and express a request:
    • How do you feel now? Which action could you ask yourself for?

Peace on Earth


I am very grateful for the Women’s circle which took place in Château Anand recently. Satya Kaur and Shiv Charan Singh shared their knowledge and the teachings in a very inspiring and uplifting way. May all the ones who participated carry the shared wisdom like a seed with them until it sprouts and enriches their lives.

My personal recommendation: „The destiny of Women is the Destiny of the World“ by Guru Rattana, Ph. D.